What I offer

Consensus design workshops

Workshops are designed as a listening process so that a group (up to 30, so far) can open themselves to the character and needs of the project, already active or about to be placed there. In this way, design decisions emerge by consensus that integrates the (sometimes apparently conflicting) multiferous pressures. Read more about the workshops here.


Lectures are interactive discussions. I show a presentation to open up the subject and stimulate questions. I invite questions as this goes along and  answer by drawing and writing [as I can't speak], which is projected onto a second screen. Unlike 'normal' lectures, the lecturer [me] is silent, but the audience talks [to me].

Consultancy/Seminars/Workshops on:

  • environment for children
  • place (and its microclimate) improvement
  • volunteer building
  • soul nourishing sustainability