The Eco-Home Design Guide: Principles and practice for new-build and retrofit

“This book is a must read for any student or home designer who seeks the wisdom necessary to work with nature’s forces, not against them.”

- Sue Roaf, author of Ecohouse

“Christopher’s thorough design guide is written with people and practical experience at the heart and is therefore useful for builders, surveyors, architects, engineers or simply homeowners wanting a home that is lovely to live in and friendly to the planet.”

- Ben Bolgar, Senior Director, The Prince’s Trust

“Both practical and poetic, he deals with facts and values, and the ways in which truth, goodness and beauty become embodied through design.”
- Professor Stuart Walker, Lancaster University, author of Designing Sustainability

Designing an eco home is much more about working with your house’s place and situation than relying on intrusive technology and hi-tech materials. In this book, Christopher Day draws on his extensive experience to explain the key principles of eco-home design, using common-sense methods to create a pleasant, comfortable and healthy home.

With beautifully simple hand-drawn illustrations, Christopher takes you through:

l Using the local topography, combined with landscaping, to improve your home’s microclimate

l Designing to keep your home dry and warm in the winter, and cool in the summer

l Minimizing hidden environmental impacts
l Making the house safe and healthy, both emotionally and


The book includes several case studies of eco homes, reviewing (with hindsight) what worked well and what could have been better.


The Eco-Home


Design Guide


Principles and practice for

new-build and retrofit

Christopher Day

is an expert in ecoarchitecture and award- winning pioneer of the Consensus Design method. He was Visiting Professor in Architecture at Queen’s University of Belfast, and is author of: Building with Heart: a practical approach to self and community building; Places of the Soul; Architecture and environmental design as a healing art; and Consensus Design. He is committed to an ecological lifestyle and has worked all over the world designing, building and training people to create eco homes in all climates.

Sustainable Building

ISBN 9780857843050

with a foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales

The Eco-Home Design Guide