Lectures, workshops, & teaching

Lectures, workshops, & teaching on Architecture and Environmental Design at:

United Kingdom
Acanthus Seminar Keynote Speaker
Architectural Association
Bath University
Brighton University
Cambridge University
Cardiff School of Int. Architecture
Cardiff University Extra-mural
Cardiff UWIST
Centre of Alternative Technology, Machynlleth
Edinburgh Ecological Design Association
Edinburgh University
Hull School of Architecture
Kingston School of Architecture, Surrey
Liverpool University
London Ecological Design Association
Man & Architecture Conference, Emerson College
Manchester University
Newcastle University
Open Gate: Dartington
Open University
Oxford Brookes University
Plymouth University
Polytechnic of Central London
Prince of Wales Institute
Queens University, Belfast
Regent Street Polytechnic
Royal Academy Symposium
Schumacher College
South Bank University
Trinity College, Carmarthen
University of East London
University of North Kent
University of Wales, Lampeter

Bergen School of Architecture
Oslo School of Architecture
Trondheim Architects’ Society
Trondheim Tekniske Hogskol (University)

Chalmers Tekniska Hogskola (University), Gothenburg
Does the environment speak to us? Conference, Järna
ESAM, Umeå
Living Language of Architecture Conference, Järna
Swedish Institute of Building Research, Gävle

Full-scale Models Conference, Copenhagen
Royal Academy of Arts (Architecture School), Copenhagen

Lisbon University

Czech Republic
Blue Key Centre, Prague
Adamov, Moravia


Ecological Architects’ Group, Tübingen

Ecological School, Moscow
European Academy of the Urban Environment, Moscow
Moscow Institute of Architecture
St. Petersburg University

Irkutsk Polytechnics (University)

Conference: The Effects of Society on Nature and Nature on Society, Crimea

Sirvhanda International Yoga Centre

Architecture for the Future conference, Vallencia,

Mendocino County, California
AIA Buffalo, New York
AIA San Francisco, California
Cincinnati University
Kansas State University
Cal Poly, California (Lecture and Workshop)
Earthword, Laguna, California
Natural Building Symposium, Oregon
National Symposium on Health Care Design, San Diego
Natural Building Network, Santa Rosa
San Francisco (Open Lecture)
Planetree Foundation, San Francisco
University of Kansas, Kansas
University of Kansas, Missouri
University of Kentucky
University of Texas, Austin
University of Texas, San Antonio