Interview from the Future

Q  I understand Global Foods is the largest food producer in the world

A  Yes- and we are a growing company. Our share value has increased  14 % in the last two years.

Q  How you avoid anti-monopoly  legislation?

A  We are not a monopoly. We produce 42% of the world’s food. New Foods do 31%, Transfoods 14%. We aren’t allowed take any of these over so we're working on the independents. They account for 13%.

Q  Who are these " independents"?

A  Mostly "organic intent" farmers.

Q  Organic intent?

A  They would like to call themselves organic but have too much  GM contamination. I think there are still some organic farmers in Iceland - but that's hardly an agricultural country.

Q  Aren't  there organic fruit growers in the Pacific?

A  There were. But the last island was abandoned three years ago. It’s now tidal. All the  other islands are flooded.

Q  How do you manage to dominate the market?

A  Simple: we own the patents on 33% of the world's seed and licences  on 5%. Also we own a lot of land.

Q  I have heard you own all of Asia.

A  Not true. Only about 65%. Our rivals between them only own 18%. Our holdings in Europe, Africa and the Americas are almost as good.

Q  How did you manage that?

A  By treating customers well - the first principle of ethical business. We provide all the seeds and chemicals and guarantee to buy the crop at market rates. Farmers only pay when they sell the crop. Unfortunatelly for farmers, none of us can control the weather! Good weather means bumper crops, so low prices, but there is always somewhere that gets bad weather. Bad crops and low prices mean cash-flow problems. We help the farmers by buying their land off them - at market rates- then lease it back to them.

Q  What does " market rates " mean when you own 65% of the land?

A  Well, we can't help being successful. You can't make everyone happy. But we do our best.

Q  Your best?

A  Our shareholders certainly think so. Just think- only 22 years ago we were a bio-research company with just one GM laboratory. Since then our shares have grown almost 600%. We may not be a monopoly but our position is unassailable. We are the finest example of sustainable business anywhere in the food industry.

Q  Thank you Mr....

A  It will be "Lord" in the new year in recognition of my services  to global nutrition.