Hobbits and Snowdonia House

Utilizing the Consensus Design Process, I designed this house with my clients about 15 years ago. Like the grass-roofed Nant-y-Cwm Kindergarten (which the media also associated with hobbits), it pre-dates the hobbit films. Indeed, the family who live in it aren’t hobbits but humans. Nonetheless, it has recently gained press coverage as a ‘hobbit house’.

See: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2648341/Was-house-designed-Bilbo-Baggins-Wacky-five-bedroom-Hobbit-house-sale-1m-Wales-not-Middle-Earth.html

It’s not that I would mind consensus-designing with real hobbits – but I’ve never actually met one. If anyone knows a hobbit needing a home….