• 1 year 32 weeks ago, posted 10 Jul 2016
    1. Life before dying   My life totally changed the day I was told that I had only one year to live. That was sixteen years ago: sixteen years of progressively worsening multiple disability. But the happiest sixteen years of my life. Before this, however, I should describe my life before dying.   read more »
  • 2 years 34 weeks ago, posted 26 Jun 2015
      Contents   1. Introduction: Why, where, how and when to use this book What is an eco-home? What do you need to know to create one?.. 13  read more »
  • 5 years 34 weeks ago, posted 24 Jun 2012
    Once we recognise that architecture can be an art, we come up against the fact that on the one hand, buildings are built by people and are homes to people. If, as commonly happens, they are excluded from the design process, the end result will neither be fully satisfactory to its users, nor be imbued with artistic quality by its makers. On the other hand, art, although it may emanate from a universal source and aspire to touch the chords of the universal in every person, is the product of an individual attunement (though sometimes by a closely knit group). There are dangers here. read more »
  • 5 years 34 weeks ago, posted 23 Jun 2012
      If we love our children, why do we accept environments for them shaped for adults’ – not children’s – needs? This mismatch applies to all ages and significantly contributes to teenage problems, but infants are particularly poorly served. read more »
  • 5 years 35 weeks ago, posted 21 Jun 2012
      Most participatory design synthesizes ideas. But one person’s brilliant idea can be somebody else’s nightmare. Moreover, if two people have four points of dispute, ten will have a hundred. The strong and articulate easily dominate others. Democracy solves this by letting the majority override the minority – potentially adversarial and ethically questionable. read more »
  • 5 years 35 weeks ago, posted 21 Jun 2012
      Does environment affect people? There are sure to be weighty scientific treatises on this sort of question. There also are sure to be dissenting views: every scientific treatise has them. I use a much simpler means of assessment – horribly unscientific, but much more reliable: does it affect me? Do I feel more relaxed in a Basement canteen or beach-side café? Is it only me who feels different in such different environments, or do you too? read more »