My Approach to Architecture and Environmental Design

  • I try to design projects which develop and enhance the spirit of place already there so that the new is not an imposition, but an organic development of the old.
  • I aim to minimize pollution off and on site, by energy conservation measures, including renewable energy sources, by using low-pollution materials?local where feasible, and air-quality renewing vegetation.
  • In addition to minimizing indoor pollution, I aim to support the foundations of health by providing environments which enhance the life processes of the body, nurture the soul and nourish the spirit.
  • I aim to design places which are beneficial to all the senses, are harmonious in their relationships of elements and provide for basic needs of soul (such as de-stressing or sociability).
  • I aim to design places in which the outer environment supports states of inner being, appropriate to the needs of the moment.
  • I have developed techniques of designing in which users can take a partnerhsip role so that design arises out of the conversation between all involved.
  • I aim to use artistic architecture as a socially healing impulse.